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Tradition vs Technology- Essay

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“Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind”-Albert Einstein
“Science investigates, religion interprets. Science gives man knowledge which is power, religion gives man wisdom which is control.”-Martin Luther King Jr.


What do tradition and technology mean? Well, to me, tradition means  following your ancestor’s beliefs, with faith. The law of tradition is to not  question what you’re told. Unlike tradition, asking the right questions is  mandatory to improve our current technology, which uses new scientific facts  to make our lives simpler and easier.

Even though they are pretty much opposites, the traditions we follow, and  technology, can really use each other. The more beliefs we have, the more  scientists have to research into or prove right or wrong. Also as stated before,  beliefs are based on faith. So new scientific theories can test the faith of a person who believes in religion and traditions.

Technology has also changed many traditions. Earlier, in households, the man  would go to work while the woman would stay home and take care of the house,cook, shop etc. Now, many women go to work.They can order takeaways, order from Amazon or Flipkart while they work. These households would make twice or sometimes even thrice as much money. But that has not only helped people get more money, now parents also think that girls and boys need an education, and have also started treating both genders equally.


This keeps upgrading our world and making our lives easier. It also creates  new jobs, and many solutions to our problems. For example, we used our technology to help us solve the problems we currently have. Schools knew it  was unsafe to teach in physical classrooms. So they started online classes, so  that the students won’t fall behind in their studies. We noticed that it is unsafe  for doctors to continue work, so we generated PPE kits so they can safely  cover themselves. We realized we need a vaccine to stop coronavirus, so now  thousands of scientists are working to create one.


This has happened throughout history- We noticed new problems and used  technology to solve them, and we really need this now.

Religion and traditions pulled us together, which differentiates us from other animals. Did you know that many years ago, when homo sapiens (that is us)  arrived in Europe, we had to battle the Homo neanderthals who had bigger  brains than our ancestors, and were much more muscular than them as well?  Our ancestors still managed to eliminate their whole race, since homo sapiens could cooperate, and travel in large groups. They also eliminated four other races the same way.


Religion has the power to bring people together. You may look in a church or a temple (not while Covid-19 is still at large) and see young children and  teenagers, middle aged people and grandparents, who all have nothing in common, praying to the same god, or gods.

Some of us treat this as a competition, like we have to eliminate one and have  everyone believe in the same thing. I think that having two or more points of  view, lets people be able to think for themselves, and become dialectical thinkers. This will also teach us to be able to accept that others have different  opinions, that we should allow them to think for themselves as well.


Both tradition and technology are also important because they help us in  different ways. To solve our problems we will need people with different  experiences, who can work together with the help of science, to solve our

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