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Hello IPL! #IPLforkids

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In our cricket crazy country, IPL is the most watched tournament. Famous celebrities, cricketers, Bollywood stars and glamorous cheerleaders are involved in the game and I enjoy watching IPL cricket.

The IPL starts Saturday, aiming to prove that it is about the spirit of cricket, rather than success at all costs.


I remember, when KKR team had come to Kolkata for an IPL match, I requested my dad to help me see the KKR team members practice and meet SRK. He took me to their hotel and very warmly they met me and gave me autographs. I took a lot of selfies with them and even received goodies from them.


According to me IPL is an opportunity for players around the world to get to  meet each other and learn from their customs. I support KKR and love this year’s new fan campaign- “Tu jaan le tu kaun hai–Tu fan nahi Toofan hai.”

There is always a lot to learn from everything, but I always believe that cricket  is a gentleman’s game and IPL is the only T20 league in the world to have an award for fair-play. Each team is awarded fair-play points by the umpires.

I love watching IPL matches and it has proved itself to be the easiest medium
to indulge the young and the elders, into watching cricket together.


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