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Ishita Achary

8 Years

53 Years

NSN Memorial Senior Secondary School


“This Dussehra my resolution is to remove all bad habits in me,” says 8 year old Ishita Achary from Chennai

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Hey friends, Sara here.

Dusshera may be over but we are not with us yet!

Any excuse to keep our spirits high, right?

Dusshera Festival with Sara write up by Ishita Chennai Bookosmia

Here is 8 year old Ishita Achary from Chennai telling us why she loves the festival and also that she makes a resolve on Dusshera, like we do on New Year’s. Ishita is a student of NSN Memorial Sr. Secondary School, Chennai.


Dussehra is my favourite festival. 
My family and I celebrate Dussehra every year.
We buy a lot of sweets.
We buy new clothes.
This year while celebrating Dussehra I have decided to do something new.
I am going to think about what will happen if goddess Durga comes to earth during this pandemic. Ok !! I closed my eyes , now I am thinking…
Yes!! I got the answer ! If Goddess Durga comes to earth during this pandemic , she will kill this virus and give blessings to all of us, just like she killed the bull demon Mahishasura in her last incarnation.Then  she will help the people who are hospitalized and suffering from corona virus.
She will serve food to all poor people so that they will be happy and  celebrate the festival. She will also distribute sweets and new clothes  to kids like me.
I will also request her to kill all the demons on this earth so that people can live peacefully.
Every year during the festival of Dussehra, I make resolution just like  we make a resolution in every new year.
In this Dussehra my resolution is to remove all bad habits in me.
This is my Dussehra Resolution !!
I hope that Goddess Durga will give me blessings and keep me safe. 

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