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My Lunar Friend- Story by 13 year old Gayathri E from Chennai

When the world was all set for a wonderful year ahead, there came a virus and gave us a lockdown. At the beginning, it was all right and many were happy to spend quality time with their dear ones. In fact, I was at the peak of my happiness because I love to do nothing.


After a month, it was hard to spend even a single day but there was no other  go. We can’t see our friends, we can’t talk to them, we can’t feel them. Of course, we would get frustrated!


Leaving all these thoughts inside, I went to sleep at my terrace.


I laid down and felt as if the whole sky was waving at me. I felt so calm, looking at those tiny sparkling novas and the cool looking moon. I said to myself that this is the magic of nature. I thought back of the days, when I used to count the stars and be astonished at the moon for hours. As I was thinking of nature,  suddenly a thought struck in to my mind. Even though the moon shines by the light of the sun, it continues lighting one’s darkness and it keeps shining.


We also should not stop shining and perceiving our goal. Of course, we have many problems in our life similar to the many craters on the moon. We all should have the will power to deal with it. Not hide ourselves from the  problems, but face them with a  brave heart and soul .


We may have full moon days to shine bright or we may have new moon days that dull our life. It’s all about the belief of that person. Belief is everything. We may have thousand reasons to quit the goal, but only one reason to hold on to it,  is enough.

Then I wondered, does NATURE have every answer in its own way? I can’t believe that I learnt so many things in one night from MY LUNAR FRIEND. But it is true.

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