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Namma Chennai : A tour guide| Story by Varshini, 8, Chennai

Let’s head to Chennai with this travel story by 8-year-old Varshini who lives there. 

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Namma Chennai : A tour guide 


In the vibrant city of Chennai, there lived a young and enthusiastic tour guide named Maya. Maya loved her city and was determined to showcase its rich heritage and cultural diversity to visitors from around the world. 

Maya believed that every corner of her beloved city had a story to tell, and she was determined to share these tales with everyone. On one sunny morning, a group of eager tourists arrived at the city’s bustling airport, ready to explore Chennai’s treasures. Maya greeted them with a warm smile and introduced herself as their guide. 


Their first stop was the magnificent Marina Beach, one of the longest urban beaches in the world. As the group strolled along the sandy shores, Maya started talking about the beach’s history and significance.

Marina Beach Chennai Travel Blog kids

She described how Marina Beach had even played a role in the Indian independence movement. They built sandcastles, flew colorful kites, and tasted delicious street food while enjoying the cool sea breeze.


Next, Maya guided the group to Fort St. George, which we all can identify as the museum, a colonial-era fort that stood as a reminder of Chennai’s British heritage. She recounted fascinating tales of the British East India Company’s establishment and how Chennai had played a crucial role in shaping the country’s history. 

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As the day progressed, Maya took the group to the famous Kaligambal and Kapaleeswarar Temples, dedicated to Goddess Ambal and Lord Shiva. She explained the temple’s architectural skills, gestures, and poses of every idol and rituals. The tourists were grateful to have Maya as their guide. 


No tour of Chennai would be complete without a visit to the bustling local markets. Maya led the group through the vibrant streets of George Town, many fondly call it Sowkarpet or Parry’s Corner-Broadway.

Parry’s Corner-Broadway Chennai Travel Blog Bookosmia

She introduced them to the city’s famous silk sarees, exquisite jewelry, and aromatic spices. The tourists were delighted to taste local street food and witness the lively energy of Chennai’s markets.


As the sun began to set, Maya took the group to the magnificent San Thome Basilica, commonly known as santhome beach or Eliot’s Beach, a serene place of worship that holds a special place in Chennai’s Christian history.

Chennai San Thome Basilica Travel Blog Kids

Maya narrated the tale of St. Thomas, the apostle, who had arrived in Chennai centuries ago. The tourists admired the basilica and felt peaceful.


After an eventful day, the group bid farewell to Maya, deeply grateful for the wonderful experience she had provided. Maya, too, was content knowing that she had played a part in making their visit to Chennai truly memorable. 


Image Source- Free to use photos at Unsplash

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