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I love my school| Poem by Avyan,8, Jabalpur

Tell us about your school! 8-year-old Avyan from Jabalpur loves his school and shares a poem about it.

I love my school poem kids bookosmia

I love my school


Dreamtime Learning is the best school of all,

Homework and exams? No, here they don’t exist at all.


The cheerleaders here are friendly and kind,

They are there to cheer us on everytime.


Collaboration in this school is held on to like a rope,

Competition? Well, it’s on the downslope.


Creativity and critical thinking in this school is very high,

With activities that help our spirit touch the sky!


The way they teach us is very engaging and unique, 

like a Netflix documentary that makes your mood reach new peaks!


The warmup and breakout room activities are super fun

I jump with joy when I yell “I’m done!”


This school gives me enough time to pursue my hobbies,

I love going to the IKIGAI lobby.


Finally, I would like to thank my mentor, Ms.Lina Ashar, 

The founder of my school, the one who made this curriculum so very cool.


I feel super blessed to be a part of this all,

Dreamtime Learning always stands tall.


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