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Dusshera – In which ending triggers new beginnings| Blog by Vihaan,8,Dubai

Here is  8 year old Vihaan from Dubai, sharing his beautiful take on what is special about Dusshera.

Here is  8 year old Vihaan from Dubai, sharing his beautiful take on what is special about Dusshera.

Festivals with Sara Vihaan Tomar writes about Dusshera Dubai Bookosmia

Vihaan lives in Dubai but by heart belongs to Faridabad, Haryana, India.  He likes playing football, reading about space/ planets and eating paneer made by his mother. He loves planet Earth and does his bit by saving water.

Vihaan is a student of JSS Private school, Dubai and Chamatkaar.


What I understand that Dussehra for sure is a festival in which ‘ending triggers new beginnings.’  End of the ten faced Ravana, end of evil and the devil. It symbolizes victory of good over evil, victory of light over darkness.


From ages, Dussehra is being celebrated to mark Rama’s victory over Ravana on the tenth day (end of fasting) of Navratra. Dusshera is celebrated in many  states of India by different names like Durga Puja, Navratri, VijayDashmi,  Garbha, Viswakarma. Also, Dussehra announces beginning/arrival of Diwali – with a gap of 20 days.


Dusshera to me, means celebrating happiness and joy with family and friends.  I am full of beans from the starting of Navratri, to attend Grabha night,  celebrated in my community.  My mother makes lots of crunchy/yummy delicious food that’s is the icing on the cake and gets me very excited.


I wear new clothes and go to watch Ramlila. At the Ram Lila ground, a man would act like Ram, firing at the Ravana cut out. With this cracker starts bursting, with lots of cheering and clapping by all children. After that I ride on the swings and eats gol gappa and ice cream with my sister and enjoy almost through the night.


Unluckily, last year, the pandemic impacted even Dusshera. Due to this, I worshiped and celebrated Dusshera at home only, and missed Ramlila, Garbha and my friends.  I am praying on this “Victory Symbol Day Dussehra” that Corona also gets defeated soon so that I can play with my friends and can celebrate Dussehra with full enthusiasm next year.


Happy Dusshera – Happy Times!


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