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Happy festivities everyone, your best friend Sara here!  What a time of the year, for celebrations throughout the country! Durga Pooja/ Dusshera , Diwali and then Halloween, a big hit with kids!


This time, it was a different Halloween, being locked in and with social distancing. But we have friends who can spook us out, with their stories and poems! 9 year old Arunava Sengupta from Delhi, is doing just that. All set?

Festivals with Sara Halloween stories for kids, by kids with Arunava Sengupta Delhi Bookosmia

Arunava Sengupta enjoys reading books, painting, singing, playing cricket,  badminton, cycling and watching TV. He goes to Manava Bharati India International School, Delhi and is a student of Jabberwocky Speech and Drama.



On a dark and spooky night,
This day, everyone gets a FRIGHT!!
Your lights are blinking, is it a shock?
Oh, what a spooky, spooky night.

A little rumble, a little creak
Your muscles are missing! You are weak!
A light is shining , it is so very bright
Oh, what a spooky, spooky night!

Your door is banging! Somebody’s knocking!
Your lock is stuck, preventing you from opening!
A log was brought! The door was down!
Why it was me, dressed as a hound!

“Mom!” I said. “I loved the outing!”
“Now I’ll go to bed.
Tomorrow is Halloween! I need some rest.”


So he slept. His mask was beside him.
He’ll be bright the next day. Not dim.

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