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How my own Halloween party spooked me! by 12 year old Suhani Khemka from Kolkata

Halloween with Sara festival for kids Bookosmia

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Happy festivities everyone, your best friend Sara here!  What a time of the year, for celebrations throughout the country! Wrapping up Durga Pooja/ Dusshera , now we have Halloween, a big hit with kids!


This will be a different Halloween, being locked in and with social distancing. But here is 12 year old Suhani Khemka taking us back to an exciting time, when she organized a Halloween party with friends.

Halloween Festival with Sara Suhani Kolkata Bookosmia

Suhani Khemka has great enthusiasm for writing,  reading, baking, travelling, and listening to music.  She is a student of Our Lady Queen of the Missions School Salt Lake, Kolkata and is a student of Word Munchers


We stood behind the wall waiting for her to come and hoping that our plan  would work out flawlessly. My friend, Scarlett got so frightened on hearing the  name of ghosts that her heart missed a beat. Full advantage of which, my  friends and I knew how to take.


We had made an ingenious plan which according to us would succeed. We had completely used up our brains in preparing everything needed for our master plan to be smoothly executed. We stitched and stitched the white cloth until it  was brought to the desired shape, perfect for us to look like ghosts.

The next thing we did, was call Scarlett, coaxing her to come over to my house  for a Halloween party which was difficult due to her disrelish for the festival.  With everything set, we were full of beans and waited to get a nice chortle the next day.


On Halloween’s day, my friend and I stood behind the wall in our own stitched ghost dress with the lights switched off and candle lit, waiting for Scarlett’s footsteps to approach. The room was dark, and we were bouncing off the  walls. As we heard them, we played the spooky music and slowly went shaking side to side, back to front, trying to whoosh the way we had practiced.


Not hearing any yell, we bought the candle up to see who it was. On the sight of a black ghost, my friend and I squealed as a chill ran down our spine, until someone turned on the lights. From beneath the black cloth Scarlett and my
mother revealed themselves which left us dumbfounded.


A rib-tickling scene it was for my mother, who had heard our plan and played  the prank back on us. Scarlett was on cloud nine laughing, whereas we with  our heads down, went out of the room exasperated. The events of the day  made us pledge not play such a prank again when adults are around.


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