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‘They Said’ Poem by 13 year old Bookosmian from Paschim Baradhaman, Asansol

society issues poem by kids Bookosmia asansol

Not long ago I realized,
How my mind was mis-utilised,
By the world more like a doom,
Whose realities filled my heart with gloom.


They said to learn from mistake,
But didn’t like me pointing it to them,
They said let your creativity wake,
but remained orthodox just the same.


They said that the world was dark,
But still want us to be present there,
They said let your ideas spark,
But think of them as deadly snare.


They said to remain pious and give up fight,
Still behold arms preparing for them,
The said, “In others see the light,”
Yet themselves find ways to condemn.


They said you’re not good enough,
When I repeatedly kept believing I was,
But never leave any chances to bluff,
When my hard work pays, when success does.


They said live your life to the hilt,
But didn’t enjoy the sight of me happy,
They said let your dignity shine,
Yet when it does they call me snobby.


They said mark sheets didn’t decide your future,
Yet inquire of them when results are out,
They said beauty comes in all sizes and figures,
Yet want me to lose weight for I am stout.


They said don’t speak ill behind ones back,
Yet collect in groups just to slander,
They said believe me I am your friend,
When comes their time none have time to lend.

They said being selfish sometimes isn’t wrong,
Yet when I was they called me narcissist,
They said it’s okay to be sad,
Yet when I was I became the pessimist.


That day I comprehended them,
And questioned myself who are they,
Finding the answer the real gem,
Forget people’s opinion and go your way.


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