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#SaraReads: The Time Traveling Droplet

Bookosmia Bangalore story time traveling droplet

It was the year 1919 and a tiny droplet in the cloud was excited about its life ahead. “Where will I go? What are the amazing things I will see?” As it rained, the droplet came down upon the forest and was stunned by its beauty. Trees, birds, animals and insects, all lived happily together. The droplet fell into the rich soil full of minerals and found itself upon a tree’s root where it shared those minerals with the tree.  “Thank you for helping us grow”, said the grateful tree. “Thank you for the greenery, shade and fruits you provide,” said the droplet. The tree smiled and said goodbye as the droplet flowed along with the rain water and went back to the river. The droplet was very happy to know that it was so useful and told about its adventure to  everyone.
Many years passed, now it was the year 2019 and the droplet kept thinking about the adventure it once had. “How much fun would it be to meet my old friend, the tree!”, it wondered and came up to the surface so the sun could vaporize it again but a rude surprise lay in store!
Bookosmia Bangalore story time traveling droplet
The droplet found itself being dragged into a narrow pipe and after a long time, it came upon a big building with glass windows and cars parked outside. There was a sudden violent push and the droplet screamed as it fell out of a tap. A human being was washing an oily machine with water and the smell was very strong. The droplet started coughing as it came out of the drain and fell into a big black pool of dirty water. “Where am I?” the droplet wondered and looked around. It could see a withered old tree at a distance.
The droplet swam towards the tree through the chemical waste with difficulty. It was shocked to realize this was the same tree it had seen many years back in its last visit to earth. “Tree, my old friend! What happened to you? Where are the  other trees, animals, birds. I see no greenery here!” cried the droplet.The tree shook its head and big tears fell to the ground. “First they cut us trees to build factories, then they mixed their poison into our drinking water.. my friends the animals, birds and insects, all lost their homes and food.. there is no forest here anymore,” said the sad tree. The droplet said goodbye with a heavy heart and somehow found a clean stream that took it back home to the river. But how much time was left till that got spoilt too? The droplet hoped that at least now human beings would realize the value of natural resources like water and forests and preserve them carefully. Otherwise like the forest, the earth too will become barren one day.

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