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#SaraReads: Story-The Green Planet

Bookosmia Bangalore story Green Planet
Once upon a time there was a hidden planet called ‘Green Planet’. The people living there were kind and cared for the environment. There was fresh water, air, food and people were happy. But some of them, led by an engineer, felt that they lacBookosmia Bangalore story Green Planetked proper infrastructure like buildings. They were also keen on setting up industries which would create jobs. After listening to the engineer, the people were convinced and began to build industries. For this, they cut down trees. Soon, the industries began to pollute the water, air, soil and food.
The engineer decided to solve this problem by building a robot that was very talented. In five years time, this robot built many other robots and soon began to control the people of the Green planet.Desperate to handle this situation, the ministers of the planet sent around five hundred people with only two robots in a large spaceship with all facilities. If they would be happy in space, then rest of them would be sent too. Their plan worked. The people in space were happy and relieved that they weren’t controlled by robots anymore.
Back home, the situation got worse on the Green planet. The first robot was now the President of the planet and it controlled all the humans like slaves through its army of robots. Without clean air, water and food, the people became extinct and as the fuel for robots ran out, they too went extinct.
Meanwhile, the people in space lived a satisfied life. They had become fat, lazy and completely dependent on the robots that did all their work for them. One day, they got a message from the Green Planet that the controlling robots were finished. They were very happy and immediately left for their home planet but when they landed , they found nothing but broken buildings.
Saddened, they wondered if they should go back to their spaceship. Just then, the two robots on their space ship came out and began to repair the broken
buildings. Seeing this, the people also joined in to restore the planet.
With their collective efforts, the Green Planet was green again. They promised that they will preserve their beautiful environment and not repeat the mistakes of their older generations using technology for our benefit but not to an extent that it hampers our own physical and mental abilities.

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