Ira Valli Navin

10 Years

National Public School, Whitefield


The Naughty Bear : Write and Draw | By Ira,10, Bangalore

Have you tried a write and draw? 10 year-old Ira from Bangalore sends in a cute story with step-by-step illustration on how to draw the main character.
The naughty bear art Bookosmia kids
The Naughty bear : Write and Draw 
Rina was an enthusiastic girl. She lived very close to a forest.

One day, while her parents were away at work, Rina decided to bake a pie.

Rina took a pie pan.[draw #1]

She started with a cup of flour.[draw #2]

While adding two tbsp of sugar[draw # 3]

Art bookosmia


She felt someone touch her from behind and recede[draw # 4].

She knew it was an animal . She tried two ways to run away[draw #5] but it was of no use. She now sensed the animal coming closer to her.

Rina quickly took two pinches of salt [draw#6] and threw it into the animal’s eyes. It growled with pain and ran away. And  guess who it was? Yes, it was a bear that was bothering Rina.

Art Bookosmia


5 Responses

  1. Amazing Opportunity for little budding writers.. Thank you Bookosmia and Swati for all the encouragement and guidance 💗

  2. Well crafted and interesting story.
    I am sure kids will love the tale and the activity. Keep shining Ira. The StorykiBory team is proud of you.
    I hope seeing your story published inspires you to make many more contributions to Bookosmia.

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