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Roadside Locksmith| Poem Review by Rinisha,7, Kolkata

Do you like poetry that helps you explore the world of humans around you? Rinisha, a 7 year-old from Kolkata reviews a poem by Chitra Padmanabhan about a locksmith that she finds beautiful and eye- opening.

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The poem Roadside Locksmith is written by Chitra Padmanabhan. It is about a roadside locksmith who helps us fix every lock and key. In this poem there is no proper rhyme scheme, instead, it uses random rhyming words. This poem is written very simply so that everyone understands what it means. The locksmith sits on the roadside under a tilted black umbrella with his wares, which he uses to repair the locks and keys spread out around him. Seeing him reminds me of the fruit and vegetable vendors and shops on the roadside. The locksmith finds a friendly lock which matches its key to open every door for us. He also makes duplicate keys, in case a key gets lost. He helps people who are in despair because they have lost their keys with his mountain of master keys, and finds a key to match every lock.

I really like the lines “A mountain of master keys heaped on the ground. Some dull, some old. Some rusty, some gold,” in the poem because I got to know a lot about his wares here. I liked the poem because it was written very expressively and helped me understand a lot about how locksmiths help us.

Read the full poem here-

The locksmith sits on the roadside
with his wares

A tilted black umbrella blocks
the sun’s glare

A mountain of master keys
heaped on the ground

Some dull, some old
Some rusty, some gold

The locksmith has the answer
to every locked door
That can’t be opened because
the key’s not there

And if you have a key that is
lonely and lost

Don’t worry, don’t fret
Don’t be sad, don’t despair

He’ll find a friendly lock
to complete the pair!

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  1. You have reviewed this poem really well Rinisha. I liked the poem that you have selected as it is bit different. You have concluded it so well. Keep writing:)

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