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‘The marvelous skyscrapers of my city’ Poem by 9 year old Bookosmian from Kolkata

skyscrapers in my city kolkata Bookosmia

I am in the outskirts of the city,
At the dead of the night.
The skyscrapers are taller than they look like,
And the buildings are gleaming with light.


It looks like the buildings are racing,
And the river is calm and crystal clear.
The city is busy,
And the city vibes can be felt here.


In my dream I would like to be here,
With the buildings and people around me.
It feels good to be here,
Nothing small we can see.


The bridge is hovering on the river,
Like a black line on blue paper.
The scene is beautiful,
And most I like the marvelous skyscraper!


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