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The Mahabharatha: A child’s view|Book Review by 9 year old Aashritha from Bangalore

Can an epic like the Mahabharatha be reviewed? 9 year old Aashritha Surya Prakash from Bangalore gives it her best shot in this lovely review of the children’s version of the book by Samhita Arni.

Aashritha goes to Vidya Niketan School, Hebbal, Bangalore and is a student of Tale Spin.

Book Reviews with Sara by Aashritha


Author: Samhita Arni

As I sat on the couch, reading my very first version of the great epic the Mahabharata by Samhita Arni, completely lost in the glorious world of the ancient epic, I would often witness miraculous scenes; Shantanu talking to Ganga Devi, or Bhishma taking the princesses of Varanasi back to Hastinapura.

Once in a while I would look up and stare at the ceiling, daydreaming away.

Have you ever become so absorbed in a book that you get lost in it and everything you see or hear seems to be an incident in the book? Well, that was how I felt as I heard Bhishma’s words of wisdom to Yudishtira or Surya deva granting the Akshaya Patra to Dharmaraja.

Book Reviews with Sara by Aashritha

I remember how I felt watching the movie version of the Mahabharata for the very first time. So, what are the things in common between the movie and the book? Well, I think nothing is the same as these epics have been passed down the generations by word of mouth and so every version will be unique in its own way.

Book Reviews with Sara by Aashritha

No wonder Rahi Masoom Raza, director of the Mahabharata, said that “No event in this world will happen unless it has already occurred in the Mahabharata”.

Recommended age group: 7+

I would rate this book 5/5 

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