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Sivakumaran S

11 Years

53 Years

N.S.N Memorial School


‘Magic Isn’t For Everyone ‘ Story by 10 year old Bookosmian from Chennai

Read with Sara story by Sivakumaran

Once there lived a poor boy named Mani. He lived with his parents and little sister in Viras village.

He went to the playground at the center of the village. There he saw an old book at the center of the playground. He took the book into his
home. His mother was busy cooking and his father was in the field near his house. He opened the book and saw a stick inside the book. He thought it was interesting. He didn’t know that it was a magical stick.

While he was holding the stick, his father was pleading with someone. Mani was sad because his father had to go through the trouble with someone to get paid what was rightfully his. Mani wished they were rich so his father did not need to plead with others. The magic stick immediately fulfilled his wish and changed their hut into a bungalow, and gave lots of money and made his father a billionaire.

Mani was very surprised and happy about the magic stick. He now had lots of money, gold and diamonds. Mani was so happy when he saw his house looking like a palace. Now he understood that the stick was magical.

With so much wealth, Mani became careless and spent money on unnecessary things. After some days, he asked the stick to give him more money. But the stick didn’t fulfil his wish because after he became rich he didn’t help the poor and needy.

Mani got angry with the stick and threw it down forcefully. The stick broke. His dress became old once again. He ran back to his home. His palace became a hut.

Now, he understood his greediness but unfortunately, it was too late.


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