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Maheshganj – A Home Away From Home| Travel Review by Vivaan,9, Kolkata

9 year old Vivaan Sanghvi gives us a super account of his holiday at Maheshganj, which is near Kolkata. Have you been there too? Tell us!

Places with Sara story by Vivaan

The one place I would recommend people to visit is Maheshganj, which is about four hours away from Kolkata. I went there two years ago in December.

I went with my brother, my mother and my father. My father’s friend, Prithvi Nath  Tagore also came along with us. We went there by car since it is not too far. We stayed at a place called Balakhana.

Balakhana is very nice. It is a big house with lots of trees and plants. Two dogs live there called Tuppy and Johny. It has a very nice swing too.

Places with Sara story by Vivaan

The interesting place I saw there was a temple in Mayapur, though one part was under renovation. We went to the other part and it was beautiful, it had lots of paintings on the roof.

The most fascinating place there were the shops because they were all in one line and they sold many different things made by the local artists.

The souvenir I got from there was a cup with the picture of the ‘Balakhana’ estate and spoons made from the bark of trees.

The food I would recommend there is the green salad and the vegetables because they feel like magic on your tongue as they are all home grown.

Places with Sara story by Vivaan

I recommend this place to people because it is beautiful, there is a lot to explore, vast gardens with colourful flowers and numerous fruits, nature walks, the animals, ruins of a building on the other side of the plants which gives it a mysterious look.

It is a little piece of heaven on Earth. It is a great place, which gives a ‘home away from home’ feeling.


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