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Radhika Nathany

12 Years

53 Years

Modern High School for Girls


A Letter to 2021| By Radhika,12, Kolkata

What a beautiful letter by 12 year old Radhika Nathany from Kolkata to the new year. May we all be better versions of ourselves this year!

Read with Sara Letter to 2021 by kids Bookosmia

10 A Ballygunge Circular Road
Kolkata 700019

27th January 2021


Dear 2021,
I hope this finds you in good health. Your arrival was celebrated with great  enthusiasm across the world and for me you brought many surprises and  excitement like the amazing opportunity to watch one of the amazing meteor  showers of the year, ‘The Quadrantids’.

I have a lot of expectations from you whether it is in the field of studies or stargazing. I have a desire to maintain consistency in my studies and I fear that   the COVID situation is going to get  worse and schools won’t reopen. I am afraid I won’t be able to go back to school and start studying normally. Last  year had deprived me of going to our school’s laboratory and conducting experiments with the help of my chemistry teacher, but I hope that this year  will allow me to do so. I aim to flourish in my academics and break new  grounds.


Through the past year, my studies have been affected a lot and I would love to  enrich myself with new knowledge this year. I would also love to get abundant  opportunities from you for stargazing. It would be a bliss to see different stars  and planets with the help of a telescope.


I look forward to emerging as a good  and inspiring person. I hope to sow the  seeds of self-control, determination and patience in me.
Thank you for giving me a chance to start anew.

Yours loving,


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