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THE LOST SHOES- Read Story with Sara #Rakhi special

#SaraReads stories for kids by young author Madhurima
Once there lived a family, brother and sister with their parents. Their name’s  were Clare and Pan.
One day Clare went for a walk in the park. When she came back her mother saw that Clare did not have her shoes on. “Where are your shoes, Clare?” asked Mom. “They were right here,” said Clare pointing to her feet.
“They are not here now so you better go search for them. Take your brother along. He anyway needs to go outside and play a bit,” said Mom.
“Where were you last time when you had your shoes on ?” asked Dad, listening in to the conversation.
“I was walking to the park. When I reached there, I ate some ice cream and  played in the children’s side of the park,” replied Clare.
“Then take your brother and go search in the park.” said Dad.
So Clare went to her brother‘s room and told him about this situation. Pan replied rudely, “So go search for it! Why are you asking me?”
“Well, Mom asked me to take you along with me to the park where I had my  shoes on last. She says a little bit of fresh air would be good for you. So put on  your coat!” said Clare.
“Ok. Ok,” said Pan, lazily. So Clare and Pan went to the park in search of Clare’s  missing shoes.
When they reached the park, Pan met some of his friends and went off to play  with them instead of helping Clare. Even though he did not help, Clare continued searching, considerate that it was quite some time since Pan had seen his friends. Pan had been watching video games for the past two days without a break.
So Clare continued her search for her missing shoes. When one of Clare’s best friends came by and asked Clare what she was doing. Clare replied, “I lost my shoes when I had come by before to the park, so I am searching for them with my brother“.
“But where is your brother?” asked Sally, Clare’s best friend.
“He is playing with his friends. Anyway what are you doing here?”
“I saw you from my home and so I came over to see what you were doing,” replied Sally.
“Well now you know what I am doing. ” said Clare.
“Do you want me to help you search for your shoes?” asked Sally.
“YES!” replied Clare.
So Clare and Sally searched for Clare’s shoes. After half an hour of searching,  they finally found Clare’s shoes. The shoes were very muddy so they rinsed it off in a nearby fountain. Clare was very happy to have found her shoes. By this time Clare’s other friends came by and they all played together. When it started getting late and the sun had set, Clare and Pan went home.
After they reached home, Clare told her mother and father that she had found her shoes. Clare kept her shoes safely in a box and kept the box in her cupboard. There was one more thing she kept away safely-  the fact that her brother didnt help at all.

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