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‘A Race to secure India’s top secret document’ by Jessica Rachel,9, Chennai- Book Reviews with Sara #10

Read with Sara A race to secure India's top secret document book review Bookosmia

Hey book lovers, your friend Sara here! Today on this special day of India’s Independence Day, I am proud to bring this special review-an example of what young minds can achieve when allowed the freedom to express themselves. Here is a story by a 11  year old writer from Surat, enjoyed and reviewed  by a 9 year old from Chennai. Isnt it beautiful what we are created?  ‘Book reviews for young readers, by young readers’!  

Read with Sara book review by Jessica Bookosmia9 year old Jessica Rachel from Chennai studies in grade 4 in  N.S.N Mat. Hr. Sec. School. She chose to review a story she read on the Bookosmia website, by another young writer.


Title: A Race to secure India’s top secret documentRead with Sara A race to secure India's top secret document book review Bookosmia

Author: Dheryaa Mehta

Publisher: Bookosmia

My first reaction to the cover page was an excited face because I like
mystery stories very much.

I was reading some of the stories on the Bookosmia website, when I came across this one.

This story is about a girl and her friend named Riddhi. She worked for the government. Once, the minister gave her some very important and  confidential documents. But she looked quite upset and tensed. When her friend asked her about it, she told her that she had to take the documents to  Delhi to hand over to the Parliament but because of a death in the family, she also needed to head home immediately. She told Riddhi that she will take the  documents properly and hand it over safely. What follows is a thrilling series of events, as the girl loses the top secret document in the inadvertent exchange of her suitcase at the airport, then spinning off into a series of thrilling events.
The lead character was a girl who was clearly very clever and brave.

The central idea of the story was getting the document back to ensure that information critical to India is safe.

The writing style of the book is excellent

My favourite part of the book was when the lead character fooled an international spy.

My understanding was that when we have made a mistake, we should not panic rather think of ways to correct it.

If I could change something in the story, I would give a name to the lead character, Riddhi’s friend.

I think the best age group for this book is 9+

I would give the story a 5 star rating*

Read this exciting story here-

*On a scale of 1-5, 5 being the highest


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