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A sibling duo Vs an alien monster- Read story with Sara #Rakhi special

Read with Sara stories for kids by young writer Naitik Bookosmia

Once on a murky night when the moon was glistening curiously, Rohan and his  lanky little sister Diana were gazing at the microscopic stars on the  gargantuan sky.


Rohan had a glimpse of an enormous comet like thing which was rapidly coming towards them. As the comet came nearer it started looking radiant,  gleaming as if it were a racing car flying in the sky. All of a sudden it crashed near a garden outside their home. Fortunately, it didn’t do any damage.


Rohan and Diana were tense thinking about what had just happened but  determined to see whether it was a comet or not. As soon as they reached  near, they were gobsmacked at what they saw. They saw a poltergeist like creature.Suddenly,  that creature faintly shouted, “Help! Help!”


The alien’s clothes were all tattered and he was looking famished. Even though a little scared, Rohan felt pity for the creature and they both took the alien home. After a while they sprinkled a few drops of water on the creature so he came  back to his senses. He got up and look puzzled but the moment he saw the food prepared by their mom, he began to tuck in. Soon he finished it and  started taking a nap without saying a word! Maybe there are no manners  where he came from, joked Diana.


The next day when the creature woke up, first of all they asked who he was. He replied, “I am Stifu. I have come from the Buri Buri planet which is now in great trouble. A petulant and devious monster has started ruling our planet.He has wrecked almost everything even my family.Actually only your family can  defeat him as you are all champions in archery. So please will you all help  us?That is the reason I have come here,”said Stifu.

“Stifu, we’ll definitely help you and your planet,” reassured Rohan. So Stifu  took Rohan and Diana to his planet on his radiant UFO. While they all were on there way Stifu said, “This alien can only be defeated by an arrow and that
too only to its heart.”

No sooner did they reach there, than the ferocious monster approached Rohan and Diana. The siblings shot arrows but they couldn’t even make a scratch on the monster. They were left with only one arrow each!

All of a sudden, Stifu whistled loudly. The unusual sound unsettled the plump monster and he froze.

“This is the perfect time Rohan and Diana. Aim your arrows to his heart, our
frequency won’t freeze him for much time,” said Stifu. Rohan and Diana did as said. It hit! The monster fell down hurt.


“ I will return when people like you will be dead,” shrieked the monster and ran
away. On that day every alien of that planet thanked Rohan and Diana. They  were rewarded with not only 100 gold coins but also 20 alien diamonds.


Buri Buri planet was again cheerful. Moreover, all of the aliens over there had a whale of time.When they all came back to earth,their photo came in the newspaper.

Rohan and Diana realized that even though they argue sometimes, they make  a great team and they decided to construct some schools and hospitals for needy  people from the money they were rewarded.

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