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Dhriti Keni

12 Years

53 Years


My mysterious past! Story

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It was the darkest of all nights. I was going out for a walk. Not many people were there that night. It was freezing cold.


While walking I saw a flying saucer. I ran to get a bicycle. I rode it and followed the UFO. Suddenly, it stopped. I became restless and was unable to

Where had I reached? I could see an enchanted garden. It was magical. I was  startled with surprise. There was a UFO with aliens in it. I could not believe what I just saw!


Without thinking twice, I sneaked into the space ship. Not a single alien  noticed. The space ship had been filled with buttons and levers. I mistakenly pulled a lever, amazed by its technology.


Suddenly, a green alien spotted me and bowed down. I seemed to understand  their language. Then he called all the other aliens. They all bowed down and  gave me a comfortable chair and some food to eat. I was treated like a  princess.

When I looked out of the window, I felt like taking my parents to this exquisite  galaxy too. I loved it there!


I also learned how to use a spaceship with the help of a wise old alien. Soon, I  reached into a faraway land, another planet available with life, water and
air- all conditions favourable to life. I actually thought that I was dreaming, so I pinched myself and realised it really was another beautiful planet.


The friendly aliens gave me a whole long trip throughout the planet, Galileo Pax .Pax means peace in Latin. Galileo has been called “the father of observational  astronomy” and “father of modern physics,”  “the father of the scientific  method” and the “father of modern science.”

Then they took me to a royal palace. It was magnificent. In the palace were my parents. I ran and hugged them. They calmly explained to me about our history.

My great grandfather was the king of the aliens. He was the kindest of them  all. My grandfather did not want to live in GalieoPax. So, he went to the blue  planet, the earth. He married my grandmother on this planet. She lived on the
neighbouring planet.


My father concluded, “We both decided to keep you away from your history and start a new family.”

I was shocked and confused. Today was the weirdest day of my life. Suddenly,  an old person wearing a crown entered. My father whispered into my ear, “Your Great Grandfather.” An alien went near him and told him everything that happened.


He came near me and hugged me. Then went to my father and asked him forgiveness. Tears came down from my father’s eyes. He said, “I should have let you live your own life. But, do not take my granddaughter away from me.”

I was so tired that we had a sleepover at the kingdom. But all said and done, I was the heir of the GalieoPax!


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