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K.S. Rithik

8 Years

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NSN Memorial Senior Secondary School


‘Harry The Dirty Dog’ Book review by 8 year old K.S.Rithik from Chennai

Book Review of Harry The Dirty Dog by kids with Sara Bookosmia

Book Reviews with Sara for kids, by kids BookosmiaHey there book lovers, your friend Sara here! Thanks everyone for keeping this section buzzing, with ‘book reviews for young readers, by young readers!’

We are onto something special, isnt it?


Today’s review is of one of the most beloved children’s books ever, ‘Harry The Dirty Dog.’

Book Review with Sara of Harry the dirty dog by K.S.Rithik Chennai

K.S. Rithik is 8 years old. He Is very curious to learn new things. He is very much interested in science and technology, sports & art and craft apart from reading. He wants to invent something that is helpful for the society. He is a student of NSN Memorial Senior Secondary School, Chitlapakkam, Chennai.
Book Review of Harry The Dirty Dog by kids with Sara Bookosmia
Title: Harry The Dirty Dog
Author: Gene Zion
Illustrator: Margaret Bloy Graham
Publisher: Harper
This story was originally published in 1956 in black and white, then reprinted in 2002 with splashes of colours.
I read this story in a mobile app. This is a fictional story.
When I saw the front page of this story, I thought it wouldn’t be nice.
But after reading this story it became one of my favourite stories!
The central idea of the story is Harry the white dog with black spots likes everything except bath. One day before bath he hid the scrubbing brush and  ran away. He played where they were fixing the street, so he became dirty. He played tag with other dogs, so he became even dirtier. He sled on  coal chute and became the dirtiest of all, while coming home he came in black colour with white spots. His owner couldn’t recognize him so he didn’t let him go into the house. Then when the owner didn’t see, Harry went to the house and jumped into the bath tub. Then his owner came to know that this dog is Harry.
My favourite part in this story is how the owner recognized that the dog is indeed his pet Harry. Harry is my favourite character because even when he got lost, he came back to his house.
I like this story because Harry the white dog with black spots turned into a black dog with white spots by doing some naughty things.
If I could change something in this story, I wouldn’t have let the dog go out. I understood if we go and play outside we have to take bath regularly and be clean.
The recommended age group for this book is 4+
My review rating for this story is 4.5/5*

*On a scale of 1-5, 5 being the highest

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