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If you see a UFO, you know what to do? Story

Alien encounter Read with Sara Bookosmia

“Excuse me, Sir! I spot something coming near the Earth! It has entered the atmosphere of the Earth!” said one of the crewmembers.

“Keep the helicopters and police men ready! Target it as it comes!” answered the commander. “We need to defeat it!”




“Wake up Sonu! Wake up! It’s time for your school!” said Sonu’s Mum.


“Let me sleep Mum. It is Sunday” s,aid Sonu as she continued sleeping on her jumpy, soft and cozy bed.


“Oh! I don’t want your tantrums!” yelled her mother. “Please wake up and get ready for school.” At last Sonu woke up. 


It was winter and all the roads were covered with snow. Sonu quickly finished  her hot and yummy breakfast and shouted, “Mumma I’m going to skate! “

Sonu called out to her friends Pankaj and Molly who were already out skating.

They suddenly heard a noise… Beep! Beeeep! Beeeeeeeep! There were air  force and police cars everywhere around. ‘‘What are they doing here!”  exclaimed Pankaj.


Suddenly, something twinkled in the sky and appeared to be growing bigger and bigger. It was a UFO! It had a transparent dome shaped glass with bright  yellow coloured legs. The UFO had something written in bold letters, PH-8  with a big image.


Some aliens started flying down through the light coming out from the UFO. One was like a huge orange carrot with three eyes, the other was like a white mushroom with just one eye and the third one was like an eight-eyed broccoli.

Seeing them, all the people started panicking and started running here and there. 


The helicopters shot at the aliens but the aliens returned these bullets back. One alien also jumped like a flying squirrel and caught hold of the helicopter  engine, and the helicopter caught fire and fell. BAADDDDOOOOOOM!!! 


While running, Molly stopped, removed her mobile, did something, and continued running. 

“I clicked a photo of the UFO as it had a special symbol! Let’s research using Google lens…,’said Molly. “Good idea!” said Pankaj. 

The symbol was of Phobos, one of the moons, which orbit very close to the  surface of Mars. It is  a small and irregular shaped object and least reflective body in the solar system but was very hot.

“Wait a sec! I have an idea! They came from Phobos, which means they could be defeated with something that is cold! What if we threw snowballs at them! This will weaken their power,” said Molly.

“Let’s try it!” exclaimed Sonu. 

They made small hard snowballs and threw at the aliens. One got hit on its  face and fell. Pankaj went near the alien and took off its parts. They then got hold of another one. All the people praised Molly, Pankaj and Sonu for their bravery. 


Hold on, there was still one more alien right behind Pankaj! It was about to  shoot Pankaj but the alien got hit by a snowball from the air force and fell  down! This way Sonu, Pankaj and Molly saved everyone.


Now if you see a UFO, you know what to do ☺

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