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#SaraReads: Story- An Alien Encounter

#SaraReads stories for kids by young writers Bangalore Bookosmia


The morning started out just like any other. Eric woke up and quickly got ready. He was going hiking with his nephew, John. He grabbed his hiking equipment and for safety, he took a sword with him. He went out, called a taxi,  and went to his nephew’s house. Do you know John? Well, let’s just say, he’s really impressive.

“Hi Uncle,” John said when Eric entered.


“Hi John. Just grab your gear, and let’s go hiking!’’ uncle Eric said.

Uncle Eric heard a hissing sound. “What is that sound?”

“Oh, that noise? That’s just a snake. You know, there are a lot of them in this area.” said John.

They went out in the same taxi Eric had arrived in. When they started hiking, they heard the hissing noise again.

”What was that?”, asked Uncle Eric, a little worried.

“I d-d-d-on ’t k-k-now!” said John sounding a little tense.

Soon, they camped out at night and slept peacefully. The next day, when Uncle Eric reached for the food, he realized most of it was missing! When he told  John, he said, “Huh? Someone stole our food?” They had no choice but to use the remaining food that they had.

That night, they didn’t sleep a wink. They kept discussing about the strange  things that had been happening. The next morning, when they woke up, John said, “Well, at least whoever took our food didn’t take our equipment!”

He had spoken too soon.

In their bag, almost all of their equipment was gone! The third day, almost everything had gone! They were petrified this time.


“We h-h-h-ave t-t-o g-g-get o-o-o-ut o-o-of h-ere!’’ stammered John. But  uncle Eric said “No, we have to stay and find out who or what is taking our equipment.’’ John agreed reluctantly.

The next day, they found something very strange, indeed. There was slime on  the floor! They followed the slime, which led them to the middle of nowhere! But later, they found blue footprints! They followed the footprints, which again, led to nowhere!

How Strange!


Then, John had an idea. They would set up a trap to capture the thief who was stealing their equipment. They fashioned a trap with wood and rope. They lay  in wait, but nothing happened. They decided to search and find out once and  for all who stole all their stuff.

They went out and started looking, and, a strange noise made them look up. They saw…..A UFO!
It was flying away, and they were shocked.

“Could our thieves be those aliens? What would they want with our camping
equipment and food? We might never know,” both of them wondered and continued walking. Behind them there was a hissing noise.


Uncle Eric and John turned around. What was green, slimy and mean looking?
Definitely not snakes! They screamed and ran for their lives. In front of them the mountains slowly began to turn into green jelly.

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