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#SaraReads: Story-An unplanned journey to the palace of Jojo

#Sarareads stories for kids by young writer Kush Kolkata Bookosmia

Chris’s exams were over and his vacations had started. He was not going out of station so he thought he would be bored. He took some of his friends and went to the library. Chris was reading a book since a week so today he wanted to finish reading that book. The palace of Jojo was the name of the book.

When Chris was on the last page of the book he saw a small button in the next page. He pressed the button and suddenly he and his friends were thrown into a desert. Everyone was totally confused but Chris remembered that  something like this happened in the book he was reading too.


One of Chris’s friends asked everyone to look back. Something was flying and coming towards them. As it came near, they were able to see a giant man on a flying carpet. His hands were so big that he could reach out and hold anyone’s collar. He took Chris and his friends and told them to sit on the  carpet.


They were moving along when some other people came and tried to attack  them but the giant man was too powerful for them. Chris understood that the  sequence of events were just like the book.


Chris told his friends that now some big rocks will fall on them so they must  duck. His friends did not believe him but he insisted. Within seconds, rocks fell  down. Everyone believed him now.

One of Chris’ friends, Rafael asked the giant where he was taking all of them. The giant answered, “To the palace of King Jojo.” That was the book Chris was reading!

They went inside the palace and met King Jojo. They were welcomed by  flowers and sweets which were delicious. King Jojo thanked the giant, who now changed form into an average size. Chris had lots of questions. How did  they end up here, why were they attacked and how is everything similar to the  book?


King Jojo told them the book was a portal to his secret kingdom. One of his  enemies was trying to find the route to the palace and thought attacking  guests would give him the answer.


“Then why were we brought here?” asked Chris.

“To thank you for keeping the book safe. Enjoy yourselves in my magnificent  palace and then drink this,” said the King. It was a medicine that would make  them forget everything because he did not want the children to tell anyone about his magnificent palace. Chris and his friends drank that.


Chris opened his eyes and saw he was in the library with his friends. “What are you doing here? It is time for the library to be closed,” said the librarian.


Chris and his friends went back home. Chris couldn’t help but think that  something had changed but what? He saw the book he had checked out from the library – The Palace of Jojo. “Seems interesting,” he thought.

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