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Let’s fight this silent battle together- Essay

Come together Read with Sara Bookosmia

I see a ray of hope ahead. The path to which is staying at home. Soon,  I am sure we will be able to run freely in the ground. 


Let’s peep into ourselves and get all the skills out. It’s high time!


Two things will define our bright future — our patience to stay quarantined and how we handle mother Earth this time.


I promise to myself and I want you to do it too. Let’s make this world a corona free place. Let’s turn ourselves towards a positive, safe and brighter future and leave the shadows of negativity, sadness and depression behind. 


I am sure that God is renovating a new world for us so all the destruction caused so far will turn into something entirely new. 


It has been a difficult time for the nation. Come on, let’s salute and thank our doctors and corona warriors. Religious sites are closed as Gods are now in white cloaks. Let’s be safe let’s be kind, let’s move forward with a positive mind. 


It’s time to thank and time to forgive, 

The better our immunity, the better we live. 


To return the smile on people’s faces 

Let’s sacrifice and get fewer corona cases. 


Promise to wear a mask and anyway it’s not a big task. 


Let’s fight this silent battle together, let’s win this battle together. 


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