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Read with Sara: Essay- How I miss camping! #Rakhi special

SaraReads Happy Eid Poem by Aadya Kheria Bookosmia
On a bright sunny Sunday morning, I woke up excitedly as I was going camping with my mother, father and my little sister. We quickly had a bath and ate our  breakfast and started packing our bags. We packed clothes, our toiletries, games, torch, tents, sleeping bags and we also carried an insect repellent. It took us forever to reach but finally we found ourselves amidst wilderness.
We spotted a cozy place and put up our tents. When it was night time, we lit a  bonfire and danced around it in the moonlight. We cooked our own meals on a coal stove and had a feast. Next morning we decided to go for rock climbing. My father and I were the ones who did it because my mother had to stay in the tent with my little sister. We set off early so that we  could return in time for our meal. During the day we played many games and had lots of fun! I  collected some unique natural stones and leaves from the wild. I was excited to go back and show it to my friends.
It was a thrilling experience for me as it was my first time in a camp. I look forward to repeating this experience again, especially as my little sister grows up. I want to be the one introducing  her to all the fun. But I don’t know when  will that be possible as this terrible disease has engulfed the entire world.
I wish there is a vaccine soon so that my family and I can go camping again.

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