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The joys of being a student! Essay #WorldStudentDay

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The joy of being a student is not only limited to studies. The life of being a   student is also about making new friends, helping others in the school and doing many activities, like creating new music and songs.


I like the activities and my friends also like them. I like my study subjects and  also my co- curricular subjects too. I learn teamwork when I need to work with my team, to try and win competitions.


In the class our teacher teaches new things. During lunch time when my tiffin finishes, I play with my best friend and also make new friends. I don’t forget my old friends. I play with them too.


My friends play pranks on me and I also prank them many times. Once I took a biscuit and took out the cream of the biscuit. I poured in some white tooth  paste and my friend took it happily. She took a very big bite and was shocked! She got angry and chased me but she could not catch me.


This is my amazing life as a student.


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