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Changes a student would like to see- Essay #WorldStudents’Day

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The change that I would like to bring about, is one in our education system.


It is that students should get to choose which subjects they are interested in  and want to pursue in grade 7 or 8. Currently we get to choose our main  subjects only in grade 11.

From grade 8 to grade 11, we end up studying subjects which we do not like  and are not interested in. During these classes we learn some subjects we do  not like, will not pursue further and hence waste time.


To initiate this change, I will first conduct a survey in which I will ask a few  students and friends of mine if they agree with me or not. If they do agree with me, I will write a letter to the Educational Board telling them about the change we would like to bring and how it will help many students.

This reform in the educational system can help many students, as they will get  to concentrate more on what they like and be able to nurture skills that may be more useful in the future. This will also allow them to do more research or  practice more of that subject, making them better in it.

My friends, other classmates and many other students can help me blow away the cobwebs to make education much more beneficial and interesting for  students and ensure a bright future for them.


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