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Alesha Jariwala

9 Years

53 Years


Play like a girl ?! Poem by Aleysha, 9, Texas

9-year-old Aleysha from Texas challenges us to think differently when we hear the phrase ‘play like a girl.’

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Play Like a Girl

Me, A splendid girl,
Twirling my hair into a curl.
Don’t care what other people think,
Wearing sporty outfits that are pink.


Showing people that girls belong,
Showing bullies that we are strong.
Being mindful and adventurous,
When it comes to problems; we are tremendous.

Being fearless and facing fears,
Showing sportsmanship, so we cheer!
Being honest, not one lie,
If you lie you’d say why would I?

Girls get tired? Of course they do,
Grabbing their stuffed animal, Roo.
Snuggling and getting cozy and tight,
See you tomorrow, good night!

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