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Having a soft heart in a cruel world, takes courage | Story

14 year old Vikasini.S from Chennai shares a story about a teenager who takes time, but eventually understands the value of her parents as she grapples with growing up issues. #Mental health

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Once upon a time there lived a girl named Jessica. She was very greedy girl and often hurt others. Jessica pretended as if she knows everything, but she did not. She did nothing on her own. She was fully dependent on her parents  and friends.


When she became a teenager, she started constantly dreaming, bullying classmates, concentrating only on her beauty. She had a friend named Venessa. Venessa tried to change Jessica but she could not. Instead of  changing her, Venessa herself became more like Jessica.


Jessica loved Venessa too much and said that she will be with her throughout her life.”  The two friends chatted, went to movies and shopping, often stealing money from their parents.


Their mom and dad worried a lot about them and about their future.


One fine day, Jessica was thinking about her and her mistakes. While she was thinking, she saw four birds- a mother bird, a father bird, a child bird and child bird’s friend. The child bird was unable to fly and then it fell down. But its friend does not help the child bird. The mother and father birds helped it. After  sometime the child bird flew into the clear sky, without falling.

Jessica understood that friends do not lift us but parents can. She changed and made Venessa change too. She became a perfect child to her parents,  perfect friend to Venessa and a perfect student to her teacher.


She realized that the purpose of our lives is to be happy with what we have and that having a soft heart in a cruel world is courage , not weakness.


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