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‘The girl who could talk to animals’ A creative story by 13 year old Bookosmian from Chennai

read with Sara animal story by kids Bookosmia
Once upon a time there lived a girl called Rita. She loved magical stories very much. She had a little brother and lovely parents.
One day, a fairy came in front of her. She was very surprised. The fairy asked, “What do you want?”
She said, “The superpower to talk to animals.”
The fairy granted her wish. Suddenly, Rita and her family found themselves in a very beautiful forest with friendly animals. The king lion roared and all animals
appeared in front of the king. Rita casually went to the meeting and realized she could talk to the animals.
The king wished Rita a very good morning. She was surprised !
“I got superpowers! Yay,” said Rita. She had a fun time in the meeting. All the animals introduced themselves but they looked sad.
Rita asked why and the animals said their beautiful forest cover is reducing  day by day. Birds and animals didn’t have shelter. Rita was very sad and wanted to help the animals.
She saw the wood cutter cutting the trees down and asked him why he was cutting the trees. The woodcutter said to the girl, “I am cutting trees because I want to make furniture and earn lots of money.”
She asked the woodcutter not to cut so many trees and replant trees but he came the next day and cut some more. Rita had a plan. She took his weapon away and all animals went near him. Seeing them all together, the woodcutter got scared and ran away.
All the animals thanked Rita and arranged a tea party for her. They all enjoyed dinner and fell asleep.

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