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Nature’s colours are so pretty and magical | Essay | Bookosmia

natures colours essay bookosmia

Nature really is a picturesque sight. The colours we have wouldn’t exist if not for the source, nature.

Blue, green, grey and many more, nature covers them all. The rocks grey while shady pines a brown and green mix.

There are many colours but my favourite is green. Spring brings a flurry of it. The best greens are found near places where the weather is subtle. The lime green sits on leaves that are residents of short, potted plants. The sea green is normally a distinct part of the ocean, found near beaches like Goa. The dark and fresh green, my favourite has a nest in my hometown, Delhi!

I don’t know how a person can live in a world without colour, it would be so dull and there would be nothing exciting. I take great pity on animals that do not have the ability to see more than one colour.

I come out to my garden whenever I feel low and one look at the trees makes my spirits soar sky high.

Nature’s colours are so pretty and magical. I have seen rainbows twice and both time it was a breath-taking sight to witness.

I could never imagine having a world without bright and neon colours. I am so glad I wasn’t alive in the dinosaur age as I am sure everything back then must be dark and dreary!

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