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Anvvi Singhi

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What colour are my mood swings? Essay | Bookosmia

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When people think of teenagers, the first thing that comes to their minds is  that they experience a lot of mood swings.The truth is that we ourselves experience a set of eclectic moods everyday. For example when we are about to give an exam, we feel that there are butterflies jumping in our stomach. When we are about to sleep the day before our birthday, we feel like jumping and are too excited,  when we hear that a close relative has passed away, we feel devastated.

I am going to tell you about my moods. The first emotion that I feel everyday, is the feeling of laziness.  Waking up early seems impossible for me, so whenever someone wakes me up or my alarm starts ringing, I  can’t help but feel so lazy and cling to my blanket. I would associate laziness with the colour brown.


The next moment I would be very energetic as school starts and I just love learning with everyone. I would  associate being energetic with the colour pink as it is such a bright colour. After sometime I would feel  hungry and I would associate it with the colour orange. After school and lunch were over, it would be TV time. Once we watched a comedy movie that day and my stomach was paining so hard because of all that laughing! I would associate laughter with yellow.  After completing my homework, I had an argument with  my brother that made me really angry. I would associate anger with red. Then out of the blue I had an idea to go the garden and enjoy the nature. It was windy and calm. I associate calmness with grey. I am completely  conscious of the mood swings but not all the time.

It is undoubtedly very natural to experience eclectic moods in a day because you don’t go through the same  experiences the whole day and your emotions depend on your experiences. But one should not let emotions overflow and should learn to control them also.

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  1. It’s very true Anvvi, we should not allow our emotions to control our mind. and for that we have to have any faith n practice that to come out from our fundmental darkness anger laziness, n low life tendencies

  2. Lovely Anvi even I experience a lot of mood swings every day , thanks for introducing me with colors , so now onwards I will have a color ful day

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