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Silver – More than a colour | Essay | Bookosmia

silver essay bookosmia

Mother nature is beautiful just like a colour palette with all vibrant colours like green trees, blue waters, colourful flowers and animals.


My favourite colour is the shining silver hue of the moon and stars. Its looks like silver figures are being carved in the sky. Once I saw a waterfall falling from a great height, it seemed like silver sparklers coming out just like from a fire cracker.

waterfall essay bookosmia

The white snow shining in the sun looks silvery and then turning into water is fascinating. The sun shining upon a flower garden makes everything so silvery. Playing hide and seek with the stars always brightens up my sad mood.  On my birthday I feel God decorates the sky with silver fairy lights. When bored I try to play ‘Join the dots’ in the sky.


I feel really lucky to be part of colourful world where each colour can define our mood. It is the colours that make the world beautiful and picturesque. It would be so dull and gloomy if everything was black and white.


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