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The Iceberg Hermit | Book Review | Bookosmia

Need a book recommendation? 11 year old Ishaan Sheth, a Bookosmian from Delhi reviews the classic ‘The Iceberg Hermit’ for us. Check it out!

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Book : The Iceberg Hermit 

By : Arthur J Roth

“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you keep on trying.”


And this is exactly what Allan Gordon, the lead character, does in this marvellous and heart touching book.

First published in 1974, the characters in this book are truly brilliant, braver than you can imagine. If you are looking for a book with just a little bit of everything, this is for you.


Allan Gordon signs up to work for a whaling ship to earn some money for his girlfriend Nancy and his poor mother and sisters. He knows that this is a perilous job but feels it is worth it for his financial future. But of course Allan’s life doesn’t work out as easy. His trip aboard the Anne Forbes starts disastrously as the ship hits a huge iceberg and he turns to be the soul survivor.

With no idea of where he is, what he should do, thousands of miles away from land, Allan faces the greatest challenge of his life.


Will he survive to meet Nancy or his mother and sisters? To find out more you have to read this book.

The author has such a suspenseful way of writing that it’s impossible to stop once you start . You just have to know what’s going to happen next . The twists and turns are unstoppable and truly if you ask me to rate this book, I would say it would be 5/5.

This book has adventure and suspense like none other.

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