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Alvira Kumar

9 Years

53 Years

Taylor's International School

Kuala Lumpur

Covid 19 – Hoping for the endgame | Essay | Bookosmia

Are we seeing the end of covid? 8 year old Alvira Kumar, a Bookosmian from Kuala Lumpur, revisits the turbulent pandemic time.

She goes to Taylors international school, KL.

Covid end essay bookosmia

Covid – 19 has been such a pain, for many have died and all lost in vain.

Every minute felt like an hour, while every hour was too long to explain.

It was miserable, sad and lonely in every way.

While we were stuck at home and maybe even now, everything was closed, countries, cities and towns.

And just as it seemed the world had come to an end, there was a speck of hope as doctors worldwide worked day and night.

Our hero came to save us all but instead of a man dressed in a cape,  came a little syringe just grinning with pride.

That’s right everybody, a little jab it was, but no matter how small it was, it was still good enough.

Slowly and soon enough, people came from far and wide hoping for protection of some kind.

And now the story has come to an end . . . . . .

Well at least I hope so.

Oh covid, your end has come at last!

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