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Looking back at 2020| Blog by Swetalina,14, Bhubaneswar

Many things in life seem clearer with time. 14-year-old Swetalina from Bhubaneswar reflects on what we learnt from 2020 three years later,in this blog.

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Well!! 2020 was an unforgettable year for us. Everybody of us have witnessed the Covid-19 Pandemic. A lot of crucial and wonderful lessons, this year has taught us like patience, empathy, minimalism & we have pulled through challenges, thrived, adopted & healed.

In this period a menacing and mysterious virus that is Corona Virus had an outbreak in Wuhan, China. Within one month it got escalated in all the states and countries. Hence the people employed at foreign countries, states, migrants, started returning to their home by walking and starving in hot days. We all were fired by Covid-19. Around more than millions of people lost their life and also got recovered. Government of all countries hold lockdowns, shutdowns & curfews as it started affecting people very rapidly. Amidst the lockdown in Indian society, multiple issues related to political, economic, social, educational & physiological levels have been noticed. The wild animals started moving at streets. WHO declared that this will be a pandemic & it will get worse before getting into better. India had secured 2nd position after USA in Covid-19.

Pfizer, Oxford, BioNTech discovered the vaccine that are Covaxin & Covishield. Now it is heard that the virus is constantly changing through mutation and new variants of virus are expected to occur over time which can affect people with serious consequences.

Ultimately the greatest lesson that Covid 19 has taught humanity is that we all are together. No matter how much falls on us, we keep plowing ahead. 2020 is the year that started off with a “Yeah” and ended with a “Meh”. We learned how to adapt a whole new Covid 19 ridden world. A world with boundaries and without crowds. Some lessons which we got from the year were-
1.Health is really wealth- Turmeric milk and Vitamin C capsules were essentials this past year. As were Yoga classes, zoom workouts and daily walks, we all wanted to be healthy and boost our immunity.
2.Learn To Love Yourself- Loving ourselves despite changes in our mental health, weight, income, social life, work environment and your surroundings was key to surviving 2020.
3.The Art Of Sanitising- Sanitizers became our best friend.
4.Admire The Little Things- It could be the little flower outside your window, parrots sitting on the electrical wires or even the daily memes on our social media, 2020 was the year to admire these little things. They made us happy and feel fuzzy and we loved it!
5.Count Your Blessings-We cannot stress this enough. Having a house, 3 meals a day and a loving family are giant blessings we should be thankful for every day. COVID-19 has been hard on us, but even harder on those who have less than us.
6.Learn to Have Patience-The Fairy Godmother from Cinderella said, “Even miracles take a little time”. 2020 has taught us just that and we’ve learnt the art of being patient and not getting frustrated.
7.Put Your Mental Health First- Physically, the pandemic was harming us, and mentally, it was ruining us. 2020 was the year we all learnt how important it is to be mentally healthy. Whether it was at home or work, everyone started putting their mental health first.
8.Meditation Is Powerful- 2020 was the year of valuing our mental health and anything that helped it. Meditation played a big role in calming us down and helping us to deal with all the stress, anxiety and depression COVID-19 brought along.
9.Live Everyday To The Fullest

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