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‘The Crafty Little Kitty’ Story by 8 year old Bookosmian from Kalyan, Maharashtra

Read with Sara poem by Riddhima from Maharashtra

Once upon a time, there lived a kind-hearted and crafty little kitty. She could solve any riddle in five seconds. She was very clever too. One day, when she was going to the park for playing with her friends, in the middle of the way, she saw a snake but she didn’t know that he was wicked.

The little kitty wanted the snake to be her friend but the snake had some other wicked plan to catch the little kitty and to eat her. The little kitty couldn’t understand his wicked smile.

She asked the snake, “Will you be my friend and come to play with me?”

The snake said in a friendly voice, “Yes, little kitty.” But this time, the little kitty noticed his wicked actions and told the snake to wait for some time.

Read with Sara poem by Riddhima from Maharashtra

A little far away from where the snake was, the kitty laid a trap. A little while later the kitty came to the snake and said “Let’s go.”

When they were walking, the snake was distracted trying to remember his plan and he could not see the trap laid by the kitty. He fell down and asked for help.

The little kitty called her eagle friends and said to them, “Can you all eat this wicked snake?”

Her eagle friends ate up the full snake and that was the end of the wicked snake. Thanks to little kitty’s cleverness she was safe!



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