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Pooja S

14 Years

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NSN Memorial Senior Secondary School


My Most Memorable New Year Celebration| Blog by Pooja,13,Chennai

13 year old Pooja S, a young writer from Chennai jogs our happy memories with this lovely essay on family gatherings, cousins, games and great food on the new year

Read with Sara Essay by Pooja S from Chennai

It was the evening before the new year and I started decorating my house. I had already finished my homework and was getting things done for the new year party with my family to be held at my house.

My family arrived and I was super excited! We had coffee, tea and milk with tasty snacks. We were smiling, laughing and enjoying the evening and we played many games. We then asked riddles to each other. At 9 pm we had our yummy dinner of pasta, noodles then ice cream.

After that, we played our favourite songs and started dancing. As we had so many firecrackers leftover from Diwali, we burst them. Then at sharp 12 am we cut the cake!

My parents told all my cousins and me to close our eyes and they presented us with surprise gifts! We all discussed our new year resolutions. This was my most memorable start to the new year.



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