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Riddhima Mishra

53 Years,
9 Years,
Riddhima is an enthusiastic and very creative girl. Her passion for art & craft started at the age of 2. She has attended many workshops regarding the same. She has participated and also a winner in many painting competitions. She enjoys clay art, pencil sketch, doodling and quilling. She also loves dancing, singing and martial art. She is a brown belt holder in karate. Now she has started writing stories. She has a habit of reading 20 mins every day. She got awarded for reading challenge from her school. she is a child artist in The Talking Canvas brand. She has a youtube channel too. Overall she knows to utilize her time in an organised manner. Riddhima is a student of Lodha World School, LSG. Bookosmia congratulates this young writer on getting published at this global writing platform for kids.

By Riddhima Mishra

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