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Why We Celebrate Easter | Bookosmia

Why we celebrate Easter

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Hey everyone! Your friend, Sara here.

Story by Riddhima MishraYesterday was Easter and a few of you wanted to know more about this festival. Here’s 8 year old Riddhima Mishra, a Bookosmian from Kalyan, Maharashtra giving us the answers to all the questions we had!
Riddhima is a student of Lodha World School, LSG.

Easter is a festival that is celebrated majorly by Christians all over the world. This festival is always celebrated on Sundays between March 22 and April 25 every year. The festival is also known as Easter Sunday; or resurrection Sunday.

Easter was derived from the word “Eastra” which means goddess of springs. It is a Christian holiday, celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ which occurred on the third day after he was crucified on the cross.

Why we celebrate Easter


40 days prior to Easter, Christians follow lent, which is supposed to be 40 days of prayer, penance and fasting. The week before Easter is known as the holy week.

Jewish Christians were the first who celebrated Easter around the middle of the second century in Jerusalem. Churches are specially decorated on Easter day. On this day, prayers are done for the welfare of the whole world in the church. Along with this, candles are lit in the church and at the same time candles are lit in homes.


Chocolate-filled eggs or brightly painted eggs with sweets inside (Easter eggs) are common gifts exchanged on Easter. Churches and homes are decorated with white lilies also known as Easter lilies.

Why we celebrate Easter


The symbol of Easter is ‘the Easter bunny’ depicted as a rabbit bringing Easter eggs. The day also witnesses lavish feasts and a variety of traditional dishes being cooked and served.
Why we celebrate Easter
Happy Easter to all my friends at Bookosmia!


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