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Good Friday and Easter-Why are they important| Essay by 11 year old from Kolkata

Today is Good Friday! 11 year old Aaditri Paul takes us through the significance of the week.

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Good Friday is an important day observed by people all over the world. It is especially an important day for the Christians. It signifies the crucification and death of Lord Jesus Christ. This festival is observed by Christians as a day of fasting. This festival is called ‘good’ because Jesus Christ sacrificed his life for the good of people. Good Friday is also known as ‘Holy Friday, Great Friday and Black Friday’.

Many Christians on this day go to the church and pray to god and stay there for long hours. Every person remembers the sacrifice of Lord Jesus Christ on this day. It is said that Jesus Christ died on Friday and to signify his death this day is celebrated every year in the month of April and on Friday. Two days after Good Friday, Easter Sunday is celebrated for the resurrection of the death of Lord Jesus Christ.

Easter is also an important and old festival celebrated by Christians from ages. The history of celebrating Easter also includes Maundy Thursday. Maundy Thursday is the day which describes the last supper and the washing of the feet of Jesus Christ before dying. Maundy Thursday is the fifth week of the whole Holy week.

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