Pratham Kakodkar

13 Years


Indian Bazaar Drama | Funny Poem| By 13 year old from Bangalore

April is humour month here at Bookosmia and 13 year old Pratham Kakodkar from Bangalore sends us a hilarious poem about the drama at a local bazaar!

Indian market funny poem
Old grannies fighting for the best
Husbands putting fish to the freshness test
An assortment of bugs perched on the produce
Stubborn aunts asking for a price reduce!
Dogs with their tongue out, wanting a treat
 The butcher throws a piece of red juicy meat!
A greenish-white stinky liquid lands on a family
The very bulky mother screams ‘Aiyooo!’ shrilly!
A cow roams around the stalls bringing with it some fleas
Kids run around throwing masalas, dirt and fresh peas
A man spits paan, litters the hedge
A smart pigeon flying above poops on him, as a part of revenge!
Indian bazaars are filled with excitement and fun
When I visit the market, I always enjoy it a ton!

10 Responses

  1. Thank you team Bookosmia for this lovely opportunity. It motivated Pratham to pen down his observations and humorous thoughts.

  2. Loved the way the young poet has created a palette of imagery. The humour is spot on! Hoping to read more of his work soon.

  3. Well done pratham…loved how kept the humour throughout…you portrayed the Indian Bazaar so well ..Would like to see more…👍

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