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Books help me lose my fears| Essay by 11 year old from Chennai

11 year old R.S Ananya from Chennai pens down an honest essay of her fears and how reading helped her overcome them. Sounds awesome, right? Let’s read it together!

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One beautiful morning I was sleeping when my sister came and woke me up very gently else we will be late for school. So I woke up and folded my sheet and came out of my room. I remembered it was the last day of school! My friends and I were so excited. We played water games. We had a sleepover. The next morning we finished our breakfast and  went to play. The worst thing happened. A dog chased all of us!


We ran into the house and closed the door. After sometime we took our cycle and went to the library. I took a book called how to face your fear of dogs. I  opened the book. There were 3 points in that book-

  • Don’t run when you see a dog
  • Walk quietly when you see a dog
  • Think it will not hurt you

So we came home then I followed these 3 points. Suddenly the dog began to wag its tail. I was so happy!


Then one day my sister and I were playing shuttle. The shuttle cock soared and then fell on the roof sheet. I climbed on top of that sheet, took the shuttle and jumped from there. My leg started hurting very badly!


We went to the doctor. He told us that it was just a sprain and I should take  bed rest for a week. The same incident happened again- the shuttle cock went and fell on the sheet again. But this time I was afraid to go bring it. I asked my  father to bring it down for us. He brought it down using a long stick. This time, I was clearly scared of heights. I went to the library this time and took a book on how to face your fear of heights. It had 3 points in it-

  • Don’t ever remember anything that makes you scared of heights
  • Try and forget the things that disturb you
  • Don’t let the fear come into you again

I followed these steps. It really worked! I never allowed my fears to come into me again. The books helped me face my fear. Also I learnt not to do dangerous things. I always asked my parents or elders at home when I needed help.

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