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Oshin Arora

12 Years

53 Years

Sri Venkateshwar International School


Anger versus Kindness- What wins?

Anger versus kindness. What should we choose? Here’s  a thoughtful poem by 12 year old Oshin Arora from Delhi to start the week.
Anger versus Kindness- What wins?
Anger or Kindness Bookosmia
Anger will always leave you alone,
Kindness will be your own,
Anger makes lonely zones,
Kindness is equal to happiness blown!

Anger will never support,
Kindness will help,
Anger will not cease and force to abort,
Kindness will never make you yelp!

Anger will destroy your relations,
Kindness will always make a tight bond,
Anger will destroy all your creations,
Kindness will make you happy like a magic wand!

Anger brings wrinkles,
Kindness bring smile,
Atrocious fate, anger sprinkles,
Kindness will make you reach to miles!

For success to move, anger will give no line,
Kindness will give you hundreds of ways,
Kindness will take you to cloud nine,
Anger will make you a loser in the race!

Kindness boosts the immune system,
Anger can lead to even heart attack
Anger destroys the unblemished system,
Kindness will steer clear of all that you lack.

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