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Will you visit this haunted street?| Horror story by 13 year old from Mumbai

A spooky street, a hair raising creature- this story by 13 year old Satasha Anand from Mumbai has all thrilling elements you need!?

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It was a freezing cold and windy night. Luke was coming back after a hectic day at work. He was so stressed and tired, his eyes were droopy, his mouth wide open, his hand in the pocket while the other was carrying his bag, and his back leaning forward. He came with his colleagues from a new route, and so poor Luke just kept walking; he didn’t pay attention to the path he was on and got lost.

He halted at a cross-road. He was baffled, and just decided his way by singing “Eeny meeny miney moe..” He entered the street that headed deep into the forest. He kept walking, and had a gut feeling that someone was following him. Luke was a learned man, not believing in superstitions, no matter what. Then came a weird, rather oddly peculiar sound from the bushes. Luke was startled. He stopped. He looked back confirming that the road was empty, and that there was not even a single soul present except him. He moved on after realizing that the coast was clear.

“Ahem… ahem”, spoke a voice from behind. Luke was now sure that he wasn’t the only one present on that empty road. He ran with all his might, but felt a weird attraction towards the back. It felt as if he couldn’t move, not even a single step away from who ever was behind him. His droopy eyes now were wide open, his tiredness vanished in a moment, he was now scared for his beloved life.

“Who… who are you? What do you want? L…leave me please! I beg you!” He screamed and fumbled as his voice screeched.

“Leave you, you say? Huh! If I had to leave you, why would I grab hold of you?” the voice reverted. Luke turned around to see a glimpse of that creature. He saw that the creature was fully dressed in black, except its face; it had horns. The creature’s eyes were filled with blood, the horns had blood oozing out of them, and the creature was smiling with a wide mouth, bloody lips and no teeth. The creature’s head was tilted. “Ha Ha ha! I am never going to leave! Never!” Saying this the creature disappeared. Luke passed out right after witnessing this paranormal event.

“Luke are you alright?” asked Luke’s concerned mother, who stood right beside his bed. “Huh? What’s going on? Where am I?” questioned Luke. Luke’s parents and the doctor calmed him saying that he was in a hospital and that he was found in the middle of the street; a street that had been abandoned years ago due to paranormal activities being witnessed by people entering that street. Luke was flustered. All he could recall was the creature saying, “I am never going to leave! Never!” That tone, that voice, echoed in his mind throughout as he sat there staring blankly at the wall.

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