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10 Years


School Jokes| Funny Poem by 10 year old from Bangalore

It’s humour month here at Bookosmia and 10 year old Aditi Vasishta has us in stitches over this poem about school!
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The tea-cher drinking tea said

“Throw all your trash to the bin”

The witty students said

“You mean the basketball hoop in which we win”

The computer teacher asked

“What’s your favourite animal?”

The smart students said

“We don’t know ours but yours is Python”

The math ma-dam exclaimed

“Is not geometry damn easy”

The tired problem-solver students said

“No, as it has an a-cute angle”

The English teacher made an announcement that said

“All the dictionaries were stolen yesterday night”

The cool students said

“Oh! So, you’re at a loss for words?”

The history teacher asked us

“Why were the early days of history called the dark ages?”

The sharp students said

“Because there were many k‘nights.”

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